Pastry shop San Biagio

The small shop where the activities of the Antica Pasticceria San Biagio take place is located in the heart of the city of Modena.

At the beginning of the century it was run by the family Allegretti; for about 40 years they successfully managed the business. After the war cav. Bruno Barbieri, who was hired as apprentice under the Authority of the Allegrettis in 1912, took over the bakery becoming its owner.

Over the years cav.
Barbieri, drived by his curiosity and helped by his nephews, toured Italy and Europe in search of new delicacies. These experiences give birth to the famous Marrons Glacees, the Krantz and the Linzer Torte, the Apfelstrudel and to the torta delle rose, designed to please D'Annunzio. These products, along with traditional modenese sweets as the Torta Barozzi, the amaretti di San Geminiano and the Bensone are the cream of the pastry's production.

Today the shop is structured as in the early '900 and Giampiero Ronchi, grandson of the cav. Barberi, helped by his wife and children, continues the long tradition of the family marketing these delicacies.

"Mr. Piero", as nicknamed by his loyal customers, is rooted in the traditions of his homeland and loves Modena's local dish. Every year he attends the meetings organized by the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and selects for his customers the best vinegars produced by local companies.
Even today, as many years ago, the pastry remains one of the busiest and most popular spot of the city.